Burford Orchestra is the friendliest orchestra in the Cotswolds.

As an amateur orchestra, our members range from professional music teachers to adults returning to their instruments, to school students - in no particular order of experience or musicianship.

What do you play?

New players are welcome to come along and see how they like rehearsals before committing to membership for a term or, hopefully, longer. Please contact us to express interest in joining.

You can fill in our player enquiry form to let us know about you and your instrument.

Get in touch


All players are welcome to come along and play for a rehearsal or so to try us out. We'd love to have you.


We can be oversubscribed for woodwind players, and the parts can be exposed, so a higher standard is often expected. Please get in touch and we can let you know what the current availability of places is.

Sometimes an ambitious programme may call for extra forces, in which case it's really helpful to know that people are interested.


Programmes vary according to how many brass parts are available. We sometimes have vacancies for trombone, french horn, and tuba players. We'd love to hear from any interested brass players.


Weekly rehearsals are mostly with strings, woodwind and brass. Sometimes we include a soloist, or other instruments, if the programme requires it.

Percussion rehearsals are mostly limited to the day of the concert unless there are special circumstances.


The orchestra relies mainly on member subs and local grants to fund costs such as music and venue hire. Subs are £30 per term. 

The orchestra operates best when rehearsals are well-attended, but if regular attendance is difficult, get in touch to discuss what level of commitment you can offer. On the day of a concert we have a rehearsal during the afternoon with a full run through of the programme.